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Our 1st question is: Can you eat your hair color or your skin care products? And our 2nd question is: If you can't eat your hair color, or skin products, why would you place it on the skin or scalp next to your brain?

DNA DAMAGE Scientific studies have found links between traditional hair color and cancer and connective tissue diseases induced by m-phenylenediamine and its derivative found in most available hair colors. A growing number of OBGYN's and oncologists advise against using chemical hair color during pregnancy or chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Protect your hair & body with 100% natural, non-chemical, cruelty free pure plant hair color for your healthy life!

Green Hare Mud™


Welcome to Green Hare Mud™

Where We Create Beautiful 100% Pure Plant Natural Hair Color & Plant Powered Vegan Skin Care.

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 Jeannie Wrightson

Beautiful, Pure Plant hair color & the birth of...Green Hare Mud!


Jeannie Wrightson is a Master Cosmetologist, the owner of Green Hare Salon and creator of a pure plant hair colorant she affectionately named Green Hare Hair Mŭd™; and Bunny Beauty™, a food grade line of  organic and non-toxic, vegan beauty products.

Jeannie gained attention for her creativity and avant-garde work in Atlanta, Georgia, as an expert colorist and hair designer.  Her intense passion for the environment and natural health became the catalyst to fuse her art and industry as a purveyor of truly natural beauty.

For thirty years, her professional commitment to the hair color “path less traveled” has set her apart from the crowd and marked her as a leader in the field of truly natural hair color.

Her honest, pure approach to natural skin care has given her a client retention rate unmatched in the industry, and made her a “tour de force” in an otherwise toxic industry.

A native of southern California and raised in the Ozark Mountains, now living in Atlanta, Jeannie has combined her love of natural, non-chemical, non-toxic living with the beauty industry to prove that you do not have to dye for beauty!

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Green Hare Mud™

Organic, Natural Hair Color...questions about Green Hare Mud.

                                             Frequently Asked Questions
1Q. Where are the directions?

A. On the back of the Green Hare Mud™ color bag.  In loving kindness to the environment we do not use excessive cover boxing or packaging. 

2Q. Can I do this at home?

A. Yes.  Although it is a professional product, with a little preparation and a sense of adventure, Green Hare Mud™ can easily be done at home. Please see our DIY tutorial on our "About" page.

3Q. Is one bag of the Green Hare Mud™ enough to color long hair?

A. It depends on the length and thickness.  One bag of Green Hare Mud™ will typically color hair that touches the shoulders. Add a bag for every six (6) inches past the "touch the shoulders" length. Rapunzel should order at least a half dozen.